QuickBooks Pro 2012

QuickBooks Pro 2012 takes your business to growth and productivity

The QuickBooks Pro 2012 edition is no less than its competitors in the market. It provides a wide range of features, which include billing, tax, invoices, customer relationship management, etc., Hence, these make QuickBooks Pro 2012 an efficient tool for different types of small sector businesses and individuals.

You will be happy to know that the QuickBooks Pro 2012 edition’s home screen gives you a flowchart of your business processes that are managed by the software accounting tool. The accounting tool keeps everything in an organized manner for you to perform actions without any trouble and less effort needed. You can also view your business activities from the home screen at a glance.

QuickBooks Pro 2012 accounting tool comes with a product license for using the enhanced features and allows up to five users for the purpose of sharing reports and data with one another. So, if you have hired a few employees and have given them authorization for performing activities with the business tool, both you and the employees will be able to create, customize and share reports of various sales and activities with each other. Thus, you will always stay up-to-date with what’s going on with your business operations. There are many pre-included as well as add-on functions to explore and implement in your daily business operations.

To get more enhanced and professional functionalities for managing your business, there is also an option of upgrading your current version and/or edition of QuickBooks Pro 2012 to its superior package. It is possible to upgrade your QuickBooks Pro 2012 edition of the accounting tool to a QuickBooks Premier edition and you get access to more advanced functions that will help you easily carry out multiple activities in less time.

QuickBooks Pro 2012 can, however, be installed on the Windows operating system platform only. Therefore, users are required to have a desktop computer to run QuickBooks Pro 2012 accounting tool. As such, there is just one edition for Mac users, the QuickBooks for Mac. Business owners who have Mac computers can use the Mac edition of the accounting product software.

Manage business activities easily with QuickBooks Pro 2012

QuickBooks Pro 2012 accounting product is easy to install and gives you a wide range of powerful tools to execute your business operations efficiently. The process for installing QuickBooks Pro 2012 on your desktop computer is only a few simple clicks of buttons. During the installation process, you will be asked to enter certain details for which you want to set up your QuickBooks Pro 2012 product tool. These details include:

  • Business name
  • Type of business
  • Tax ID number
  • Contact information

After entering your details and completing the installation procedure, you will be able to create your company file, where you can enter information such as customer details, commodities sold to customers, the tax charged to customers for a particular or multiple items sold and much more.

The QuickBooks Pro 2012 accounting product edition also lets you import Excel spreadsheets, which is helpful when you want to view your inventory or update items in the inventory.

Round the clock customer support service for your QuickBooks Pro 2012

Whether you are new to QuickBooks or have been using the accounting tool for quite a while now, you have unlimited access to get support for your QuickBooks Pro 2012 product edition.

The experts at the QuickBooks customer support center provide round the clock assistance to users. You can contact these experts via phone and e-mail. You may also explore their community pages for solutions that might be related to yours. Their 24/7 on-demand customer support services can help you with resolving your queries and/or any technical difficulties that you encounter when using the accounting product software tool for your business.

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