QuickBooks Pro 2011

Features included in QuickBooks Pro 2011 accounting tool

A very decent software that helps you keep all your accounting and miscellaneous data organized, is the QuickBooks Pro 2011 edition developed by its parent company Intuit. For many years since the product’s launch, QuickBooks Have become a major platform for small businesses in maintaining their financial records.

Small business industries, such as a retail store, restaurant, boutique, or businesses that render professional services and accounting use QuickBooks Pro 2011 for carrying out their daily business operations. It is a great business management software tool, which ideally keeps all your financial records. For instance, if you are running a clothing store, with the help of QuickBooks Pro 2011 that is installed on your desktop computer, you can keep track of your inventory items, sales records, income and expenditure, payments made to vendors and suppliers, payroll payments to your employees, if you have hired any, and much more.

There are many features that are included in the QuickBooks Pro 2011 edition of the accounting software product by Intuit. Let’s take a look at some of the unique features that are offered in the QuickBooks Pro 2011 accounting product edition to small businesses at various locations of the world.

Customer Snapshot

The ‘Customer Snapshot’ is a major feature that is provided in the QuickBooks Pro 2011 edition of the accounting software to small businesses. What you will find different about this feature is that the Customer Snapshot option in your QuickBooks Pro 2011 edition’s menu gives you a consolidated view of all your key customers, along with many additional details. These details include your sales history, outstanding balances and much more.

Using this feature which is provided in the QuickBooks Pro 2011 accounting software product, you will be able to view information of your customers at a glance and identify the consistent customers that will help you easily prioritize your business efficiently.

Batch Invoicing

What’s great about this feature is that you can create an invoice at once, for multiple customers per category. You simply have to create the invoice once and send it to your customers which you have selected from the list using QuickBooks Pro 2011.

This saves you a lot of time, especially when you have to sort many customers one by one and create separate invoices for each. Thus, Batch Invoicing lets you accomplish this task easily and accurately.

QuickBooks Search

This is another very useful feature of the QuickBooks Pro 2011 edition of the accounting product software. The ‘Quick Search’ feature lets you easily and quickly find or locate files and data which are stored in QuickBooks Pro 2011 edition of the software product.

If you want to find reports, invoices, financial transactions, contacts, etc., you can easily do so with the help of the Quick Search option. This feature comes very handily when you want to find something quickly. It pulls up all the relevant data for you that is relevant to your search query.

Collections Center

If you have any payment receivables due and overdue from your customers, the Collections Center menu option in QuickBooks Pro 2011 business software tool lets you email invoices to your customers using either of your email services. Thus, you can send invoices to your customers, reminding them of their payments which are due or overdue, using Gmail, Yahoo mail, Hotmail and Outlook email client.

QuickBooks Pro 2011 is an accounting platform for small businesses

Using QuickBooks Pro 2011 can help you manage your small business very efficiently, while also giving you an opportunity to improve the productivity of your business.

There are many other features which you can explore and try out in QuickBooks Pro 2011 accounting tool and keep your business at the top.

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